We are in our new space!

It has been a long time since I posted photos and lots of progress has been made. We had our first service in the new space on Sunday, September 4th and it was lovely. About 50 people attended the first service. There is still work to be done but we are able to appreciate the beauty of the new surroundings.

See below for photos of the work that has been done in the last two months.

Laying the bricks in the driveway. Hot work!
Kitchen cabinets and counter tops…getting closer to being finished!
Jill, Gil and Janet inspecting the front entrance way.


Removing the roof from the breezeway.
Looking south from the chancel.
Sliding doors between sanctuary and narthex.


Stairs down to front entrance.
The new electrical panel in the kitchen. One of the benefits of renovating our old church is that our old systems are being upgraded. It will be much safer with our updated wiring (the electrician did not have good things to say about the condition of the old wiring!)
Breezeway being removed.
The cornerstone was removed on Friday, August 19th. A small group of Manor Road UC members attended its removal and viewed the contents of the time capsule! I will post more details about the cornerstone and the time capsule in a separate post soon.
CEC building demo 2.jpg
The Christian Education Building being taken down.
Our wonderful cleaning crew, Sierra Cleaners who donated their cleaning services to our church. We are so appreciative of this very generous gesture! We hosted a lunch for Sierra as a token of our appreciation. Joining the Sierra crew for lunch are Rev. Debra, Manor Road volunteers May and Susan (and Allison who took the photo) and Compass Site Supervisor Gil. Thank you, Sierra, for your amazing services!


Lots of progress…

Compass Construction and their contractors have been very busy since my last update. The changes are exciting! Check out the photos below to track the progress.

We had many volunteers, including students Daniel, Jamie and Zane, move the items from the Christian Education Centre (CEC) to the Sanctuary on June 25th. Thanks to all of the volunteers for making a big job much easier! We were sad to say good-bye to the CEC but are looking forward to our newly renovated space. We also bid farewell to our long-time tenants, Manor Montessori School, who are relocating to a new site. We wish them well in their new location!
Movers at work
The kitchen packers! Well done, May, Judy and Fina on such a hot day. No air conditioning in the old kitchen…
Corridor to CEC closed for asbestos removal from breezeway. City of Toronto is abating hazardous contaminants and then the breezeway will be demolished.
MRUC Basement daycare corridor.JPG
Corridor in basement closed for asbestos removal.
Gas is connected.
MRUC New Front walkway.JPG
The new front walkway.
Fire alarm is installed
Gravel being laid for parking pad!
We have doors!
Getting ready to put glass in frame above I-beam. They say it’s really warm up there.
Preparing to put down parking pad…still awaiting front doors.
And now the glass is being installed in the front doors.
Lift shaft being installed at front entrance
The organ is placed  in its new location (but not yet turned) for the floors to be sanded.
Rev. Debra and Michael inspecting the new space.
Sanding the chancel floors.
Getting ready to turn on the air conditioning.The workers will appreciate it and we need it for the floors to dry after they are stained.


The new kitchen cabinets look great!
Shutter for the kitchen pass through window.
MRUC New view from balcony.JPG
The view from the balcony.
MRUC balconcy storage.JPG
Lots of items can be stored on the balcony. Thanks to the decorating committee, Marianne and May, for their efforts in organizing these items and Manuel and others for helping to move it all over from the CEC.
MRUC Basement daycare windows 4.JPG
The new windows in the basement make the rooms look so bright. It will not feel like a basement when it is finished.

That’s all for now but stay tuned for more updates. Thanks to Compass Construction and our architect Janet Harrison for their efforts to get the space move-in ready. We are looking forward to our first service in the Sanctuary!







Lectern and pulpit woodworking in progress

New Holland Church Furniture, which is designing our new pulpit and lectern, sent photos of the work in progress to Rev. Debra. Here is the pulpit,  sitting upside down, and sitting next to it is the book rest and the arched traceries.
Base pieces for the lectern
These are the base pieces for the lectern.
Pulpit quatrefoil traceries
These pieces are the quatrefoil traceries that will be placed on the pulpit.

White walls and lights

Chancel being painted
Chancel being painted


Meeting room wood stained windows
Wood stain around windows to meeting room
Balcony with white upper railing
White on railing of balcony
New hydro pole
Hydro pole
New light fixtures
New sconce lighting looks very elegant
Front stairs
Front entrance stairs
Front stairs 2
Looking at front entrance from the main floor. The lift will be on the right. Stairs that you can see go down to the daycare in the basement.
View of chancel from narthex
Another view of the new lighting sconces.
View from balcony
The chancel from the balcony.
Asbestos abatement
Type 1 asbestos abatement. Allison and Jill liked the gloves.
Daycare room
One of the daycare rooms. The rooms will be quite bright when the windows are installed.
Daycare room 2
A second daycare room.
Daycare room 3
One more daycare room.


Latest Photos

This new hydro pole may not look exciting but it took much coordination with Toronto Hydro, the City of Toronto and our contractors and consultants to have it installed. We are happy to have it! Now the electrician will go ahead with connecting the new wiring.
The floors in the Sunday school room upstairs look great! The next step is to install the bathroom sink and the kitchenette’s sink as well as secure the cabinets (from the old kitchen on the main floor) to the walls.
There was a fire in the construction bin outside of the church on Friday, June 3. Construction workers found the fire at 5:45 am and called the fire department; the firefighters said it had been smouldering in the bin for a number of days. The cause is not known but fortunately, no one was injured and there was no damage apart from the burned construction materials which had to cool on the ground before they could be manually cleared away.

Windows are in the meeting rooms

Windows in Ellen’s office. She no longer will have to do the limbo! Compass is insulating the ceiling pipes which should help regulate the heat better in the winter time.
Looking east in Ellen’s office. This used to be part of the old upstairs kitchen. Ellen will have a bigger brighter space when the renovation is completed.
Another view of the northeast corner of Ellen’s office.
Looking northwest in Ellen’s office.
The new glass is installed in the meeting rooms. This view is from inside the southern most meeting room, looking west into the sanctuary.
Another view of the meeting room.
Looking into the meeting room from the sanctuary.
The view from the sanctuary hallway into the meeting rooms.
Still a beautiful, light-filled space. The sunlight comes into the sanctuary through the east windows and the meeting room windows.
The view of the front entrance from the main floor. Not quite ready to use yet! The lift and stairs will be installed sometime in June.


The air conditioning units on the west side of the church along with our many recycling and garbage bins. It’s supposed to be a hot summer but we’ll be prepared for that!
One more air conditioning unit on the west side of the building just north of the fire exit stairs. These stairs will be removed near the end of the project because this exit door is not required.
Architect Janet standing in the basement hallway in the daycare section of the building.
One of the daycare rooms. The expanded windows let in lots of natural light. The drywall is up.
Looking east in the daycare towards the entrance to the CEC building which is scheduled for demolition in July.
An old photo uncovered during the renovation work.

Latest photos

Great news! Our renovation is moving at a fast pace. Barring any unforeseen events, we have been assured by Compass Construction, our project managers, that our Sanctuary will be ready for July. At that point, the Montessori school will have re-located and the City of Toronto will commence its demolition of the Christian Education Centre. The demolition will take many weeks because hazardous materials have to be removed from the building before it can be demolished. When the CEC has been demolished, Compass can oversee the building of our new side entrance and the main entrance for the daycare, as well as our new parking lot. The chancel looks great, with the new ramp up to it and the organ re-positioned sideways. The meeting rooms will look lovely with the windows along their west wall, which will still let plenty of light into the Sanctuary. New bigger windows in the basement add extra light for the daycare and the concrete has now been poured so their new flooring can be laid in about three more weeks. Check out the exciting changes below.


Widened window openings in the west wall of the basement for the daycare will let in more natural light. You will recognize the red poles from their placement in the old kitchen.
Looking north in the large daycare room in the basement.
The west wall in the basement. The concrete floor was poured on May 4, 2016. It needs to set for about 4 weeks before the flooring can be laid.
The dry-wall is up in the basement corridor leading to what will be the daycare centre’s main entrance.
Looking out the front door.


The front door. No access to the building just yet though!


A view of one of the new meeting rooms.
Another look at one of the two meeting rooms on the east side of the church.
Looking at the chancel through the kitchen pass-through window.


Drywall going up…

Rads west side of Sanctuary 2
West side of the Sanctuary opened up to heating rads
Peter Bell library 1
Framing installed for new storage closet for tables and chairs in former Peter Bell library
Kitchen entrance drywall
Drywall put up in kitchen – pass-through is the window on the right
Chancel panelling
New look for the chancel
Music Storage closet
Drywall put up in music storage closet to the right of the chancel

Water main installation

Water main holes
Installing the water main.
Water main digging
Digging holes to install water main. They have to dig below the frost line – which is deeper than it used to be.
Water main street closure 2
Looking east on Manor Road East where road lane is closed off for water main construction.
Water main street lane closed
One lane on Manor Road East closed for water main installation on April 5th, 2016. Looking west from Forman Avenue.